Fujifilm FDR Xair
Portable Radiology

Ultralight, compact, and battery-powered x-ray device, FDR Xair combines deep learning in its artificial intelligence (AI) technology with Fujifilm’s image processing heritage. Easy to carry, handle and operate, facilitates successful diagnoses in various medical settings, serving patients with limited mobility or living in inaccessible geographies.

  • Lightweight at around 3.5 kg
  • Works without a power source
  • built-in lithium polymer battery
  • 100+ images on a single charge
  • Highly durable LED light source

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Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II
Flat Panel Detector

Combined with FDR Xair, this high-sensitivity digital radiography (DR) system with a Console Advance image-processing unit enables low-dose, high-resolution imaging to vastly improve image contrast and clarity, with an image processing software to correct the effects of scatter radiation.

  • Sharp, clear images at low radiation
  • ISS System reading technology
  • Achieves DQE 54% (CsI scintillator), 31% (GOS scintillator) (1Lp/mm-RQA5 1mR)
  • Unique noise reduction circuit

Virtual Grid, with Dynamic Visualization II

Get grid-like Image quality without using a grid with the Virtual Grid image processing software, that corrects for the effects of scatter radiation and improves image contrast and clarity. Without the need for an anti-scatter grid, this software quickly predicts and corrects for the effects of scattered radiation to create high quality images. Dynamic Visualization II used advanced recognition algorithms to automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculations of estimated 3D image data.

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Easy Portability

Carry it anywhere, any time for use in screening camps in out-of-hospital, remote locations.


Lightweight and portable, mounting Xair on its support stand is quick, easy and simple.

Durable LED collimation light

Long lasting LED light source makes the control screen easy to read.

Battery Operated

Its built-in lithium polymer battery can shoot up to 100 images, without a stable power source.


Easy to operate, with very few buttons. Requires no extended training.

Easy-maintenance design

With minimal edges and a flat-surface design, it is easy to clean and maintain Xair.

Meet your END-TB Goals

Why Choose FUJIFILM FDR XAIR for TB Screening

Even though an estimated 60 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis & treatment between 2000 and 2019, Tuberculosis remains a global epidemic.

FDR Xair’s lightweight compact design combined with AI-accuracy can reach even the remotest parts of the World and prove to be beneficial in expediting the process of TB diagnosis in areas with limited resources. FDR Xair from the house of Fujifilm can help realise the shared global vision of ending the TB epidemic and move towards a World free from Tuberculosis.

Shoot up to 300 Images without Access to Electric Power

Now, shoot 100-300 images without access to electric power with the battery-powered Xair. While Xair's in-built lithium polymer battery allows the shooting of 100 images, the newly added 20,000 mAh power bank can fully charge all the electrical components in the system in approximately four hours. What's more, the latest version of the system allows simultaneous and uninterrupted use of the system, even while it is charging from the mains or the power bank. There's also an exchangeable detector battery, which can be simply inserted in the back panel to extend the detector’s capabilities.

Experience High-resolution X-ray Imaging with
Advanced FUJIFILM DR Detectors

Using advanced Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II detector with­­ Console Advance, the image-processing unit enables FDR Xair to take high-resolution imaging, thanks to Virtual Grid image-processing technology and Dynamic Visualization II.

Experience the FUJIFILM FDR Xair Advantage, Virtually!


Xair diadgnoses TB among Communities in Pakistan’s mountainous region of Chakwal, Punjab


Xair helps Azerbaijan diagnose TB amongst people in the makeshift housing of refugee/IDP camps


Xair takes TB Diagnosis to communities in Vietnam’s mountainous regions and islands


Xair reaches the vulnerable coal miners in Pakistan’s remote region of Lakhra, Sindh

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